Who we are?

“Silly Studios” is a place where dreams come true.
Too pretentious? Ok… Let’s retry!
“Silly Studios” is our publishing house where we are going to create crazy, funny and carefree projects, all independently!
Founded by Davide Valente and Marco Guazzieri in 2022, “Silly Studios” is the perfect forge for the ideas of young screenwriters and illustrators from the entire world!
Our main goal is to create high potential IPs and welcome talented artists and screenwriters from all around the world!
We are working on a multitude of projects, but you may have heard of our masterpieces: “The Little Trashmaid” and “Simply Silly”!
We put a lot of effort in delivering our products across the entire globe, and we will do our best to make our customers happy!
We are a little silly, but full of dreams!